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Etesia Ride on Mower Diesel 25HP 4WD Hydro 124DX

Etesia Ride on Mower Diesel 25HP 4WD Hydro 124DX

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Etesia Ride on Mower Diesel 25HP 4WD Hydro 124DX Hire Throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh, Livingston,Motherwell, Wishaw, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire and most of Scotland

Better mowing :

1,24 m cutting width. The two counter-rotating blades are mounted at right-angles.

Better collecting :

Cutting deck with rear ejection to give a quality finish with excellent collection even in long and wet grass.
Grass box filled to capacity every time : 600 L / 100 kg
Emptying can be carried out at any height from floor level up to a maximum of 1.8 metres without leaving the driver seat.
Faster work :

To work faster at speeds up to 16km/h depending on conditions.
Compact and versatile

The weight is distributed with 30% on the front axle and 70% on the rear.
For the 4-wheel drive version, the hydraulic transmission works in parallel on the left- and right-hand wheels. This means that all four wheels are driven at all times, although there is a differential effect (when cornering) suited to use of the machine.

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