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Etesia Ride On Attila SKF

Etesia Ride On Attila SKF

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Etesia Ride On Attila SKF Hire Throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh, Livingston,Motherwell, Wishaw, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire and most of Scotland

Effective on uneven terrain and steep slopes (30%). Attila SKD has wheels with an agrarian profile, and also a very low centre of gravity and optimised weight distribution (33% to the front, 67% to the rear), for easy driveability and stability on banking.

The differential lock with foot control is very practical in use, and will allow you to retain control while mowing on slopes, even if a drive wheel loses adherence.
Profiled mowing deck, and reversible swing tip blades (85 cm cutting width). The system allows mowing in difficult conditions.

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Thanks to the optional dual wheels, Attila SKD passes where the others trespass. This option enables you to climb very steep slopes under difficult conditions (wet grass, sand or mudd) without creating more damage because of immense ruts. The dual wheels allows a better distribution of the weight and an optimal transmission of the power.

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